Our headhunters help you acquire high-impact Product Management leaders that build the platforms and solutions at the core of your business.

Our client partners are looking to scale revenue by 2-5x over the next 12-24 months and are doing anywhere from $10M to $200M in yearly revenue.

At every stage of this journey our Headhunters help acquire the high-impact Product, Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and HR leaders that accelerate revenue growth.


Hired: Global Product Management Lead

MiQ, a MarTech, engaged our product management headhunters to find a Global Product Management leader to own two rapidly growing product lines (Time + Place) and (High Impact Branding), defining the vision and strategy while building out the Product Management team, and ultimately taking them global. Read More

Headhunted the Head of Product (Growth)

DataCamp, a B2B SaaS, needed a Growth oriented Product Lead/Head of to drive the scale of a new business line and ultimately build out and lead the PM team. It was imperative that we help identify the handful of candidates who would even qualify while aligning with the appropriate level within the organization. Read More

Hired: Director Product Growth (CX/UX)

The New York Times asked our recruiters to find a Director of CX/UX to optimize the customer journey for multiple Product lines. This person would be an instrumental driver of product success bridging the Development team with the Marketing team to optimize the CX as well as the overall LTV of users. Read More

Hired: Product Strategy Director

Everyday Health, a public lifestyle publisher, has numerous Apps, websites and content that helps people live a healthier lifestyle. They needed to hire a Product Strategy Lead to create a centralized Product Strategy that also individually speaks to the CX/user journey of each App, Site + Segment of their portfolio. Read More

Hired: Product Management Leaders

IAC/InterActiveCorp’s companies include(d) Match Group, ANGI Home Services, Dotdash Meredith, DailyBurn, Expedia, Vimeo and many others. Over the years we’ve worked with most IAC companies to help bring on key Product leaders. Read More

Hired: Product + Design Team

Pvolve, a subscription FitTech, was bringing their Product team in-house to build + design an amazing fitness platform to scale usage, user acquisition and CLTV while building out their digital storefront. Within 30 days we headhunted their SaaS Product Design Lead, Technical Product Lead, and their eCommerce Shopify Development Lead. Read More

Hired: VP of Product Management

Kenzan, a developer of Connected TV UI/UX apps, needed to replace their VP, Product Management. Our headhunters quickly attracted high impact leaders in this highly coveted + shallow talent pool. We made the hire in 30 days despite competition from the hottest media companies, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Disney, etc. Read More

Hiring the Product Director, UX

Rent The Runway, a fashion eCommerce, asked our headhunters to hire a Product Director to build the roadmap and lead the next generation development and design of RTR’s web + mobile experience. We engaged the market of Product Directors with heavy UX and eCommerce experience, enabling the team to quickly make this hire. Read More

Hired: Sr. Product Designer

Corporate Visions, a B2B sales enablement company, asked our headhunters for a Digital Product Designer with experience in the B2B EdTech space to optimize the user journey and CX for greater usage/adoption. We showed the hiring team the depth and breadth of market and within 1 month we made this hire. Read More

Headhunting Director of Product Management

GlossGenius, a Series A B2B SaaS, is the #1 business management platform for SMBs in the wellness space. They asked Engro to help hire Product Management leaders across their business who could lead their current team and help scale their product suite. Read More