Technical Product Lead

Product Design Lead, SVOD + SaaS

Product Development Lead, eCommerce Shopify


Pvolve is a rapidly growing Consumer subscription FitnessTech and eCommerce company. They started as virtual celebrity training program and have since built a massively scalable subscription video on demand (SVOD) fitness platform so people everywhere can have access to the low-cost fitness and training program that celebrities and models adore. As they looked to reach over 200k paid subscribers it was clear they needed to bring in high-impact, proven Product Management and Product Development leads to build out the teams. So Engro Partners worked closely with leadership and HR to identify and recruit the proven leaders we needed.


We needed a strong Technical Product Management lead to work across the business, we also needed a Product Design Lead with experience building out a paid Subscription Video On Demand platform. Pvolve also wanted to bring their storefront development team in-house, so we then recruited the eCommerce + Shopify development lead to build out their storefront of workout equipment and clothing. Since these are ultra specific experiences with few people having done this with similar types of businesses/business models it was imperative that we create a talent map to kick-off the search, knowing we needed to capture interest and excitement in our first reachout/intro.


Using our systematic approach to ensure we quickly identify the market and effectively attract the ideal candidates. We were able to make all three hires within 30 days so the Pvolve team could focus on scaling their business knowing they had the best, proven, leaders to manage and develop their product lines.

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