Our headhunters help you acquire high impact Revenue driving leaders for your Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, People and Product teams.

We partner with leadership teams of disruptive companies to headhunt the rising stars who drive unrivaled growth.

Our Headhunters have helped our clients generate over $25B in business growth and our Candidates have earned over $200M in individual income. Our headhunters help acquire the high impact Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Business Development, People, and Product leaders that accelerate Revenue growth.

Featured Cases

Case: Headhunting the Executive Team

DataCamp, an EdTech SaaS platform, wanted to double revenue and headcount so they engaged our headhunters to hire 4 executive leaders, one every 45 days. We headhunted the Chief Officers of Customer Success, Sales, People, and Marketing to lead each function.   Read More

Case: Recruiting + Hiring a large team

Horizon, a rapidly growing Agency needed to hire 60+ people for their Digital Marketing team within 6 months. Our team of recruiters quickly captivated the attention of this extremely tight talent market to hire 30+ of the industry’s foremost DR Digital Marketers.   Read More

Case: Headhunting a Stronger Leader

LivePerson, a public SaaS tech, hired a new CMO who asked our Headhunters to recruit a Head of Global Marketing to better align with the strategic vision. The CMO made the ideal hire quickly from the short list of marketing experts that our Recruiters headhunted.   Read More

Case: Recruiting for a New Role

Thrillist, a lifestyle publication needed a Sales Director to lead a new team. Culture is a huge part of the Thrillist brand, so our headhunters curated a shortlist of Sales Directors that embody the brand with the contacts to significantly impact revenue.   Read More

Industry Insight

Enterprise Recruiter Expertise


Acquisition Marketing
Brand Marketing
Data Analytics + Insights
Product Management
Public Relations
UX/UI Architects


Acquisition Marketing
Customer Success
Enterprise SaaS Sales
Product Marketing

Product Management
Publisher / Agency Sales


Brand / Comms Planning
Business Development
Consumer Insights + Strategy
Media + Marketing Analytics
Programmatic Media
SEM / Social Media Marketing


Affiliate Marketing
Business Development
Corporate Communications
Data Analytics + Insights
Public Relations

Social Media Marketing


Advertising Sales
Content Marketing
Data Analytics + Insights
Public Relations
Publisher Sales
UX/UI Architects

Consumer Headhunter Expertise


SVP, Digital Marketing
SVP, Acquisition Marketing
SVP, Product Marketing
SVP, Content Marketing


SVP, Products + BI
SVP, eCommerce
SVP, Engineering (UX/UI)
SVP, Mobile


SVP, Strategy + Innovation
SVP, Data Science + Analytics
SVP, Consumer Insights
SVP, Public Relations


SVP, Business Development
SVP, Customer Success
SVP, Partnerships
SVP, Sales

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