We help you acquire high-impact leaders to accelerate your Revenue growth.

Our headhunters build Product, Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and HR leadership teams that drive scale.

Our client partners are looking to scale revenue by 2-5x over the next 12-24 months and are doing anywhere from $10M to $200M in yearly revenue.

At every stage of this journey our Headhunters help acquire the high-impact Product, Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and HR leaders that accelerate revenue growth.

Featured Cases

Hired VP, Marketing + General Partner for a VC

Flybridge Capital, a high-growth VC Firm, wanted to add a GP ahead of their next fund with a strong investment track record (with minority founders). They also wanted a multi-talented VP, Marketing to drive growth for Flybridge + their portfolio companies. Our headhunters worked closely with the Partners to make the perfect hires. Read More

Hired the CMO / VP, Marketing

Codecademy, Series C Consumer SaaS, came to Engro Partners to save their 9+ month failing retained search. This VP Marketing was paramount to scaling revenue so we mapped the talent market (for the CEO) with leaders who tackled similar growth challenges. We made the hire within 3 months; within 2 years they were acquired for $525M. Read More

Built out the Executive Team

DataCamp, a Series A SaaS , wanted to double revenue and headcount so they engaged our headhunters to hire 5 executive leaders, we hired one every 45 days. We headhunted and hired the Chief Customer Officer, Chief Sales Officer, Chief People Officer, and two VPs of Marketing (B2C + B2B) to lead each function. View Client Video

Hired SVPs Sales + Customer Success to Scale Revenue

MNTN, a Series C MarTech SaaS, asked our headhunters to help hire two key leaders to systematically scale revenue; one driving the Sales flywheel (new logo) + the other scaling ARR (upsales). It was paramount that our headhunters find and attract the Execs who have scaled related SaaS businesses from $100M to $500M+ in ARR. Read More

Hired the Product + Design Team

Pvolve, a PE Consumer subscription FitTech, was building out their Product development team to reach over 200k paid users while building out their digital storefront. Within 30 days we headhunted their SVOD SaaS Product Design Lead, Technical Product Lead, as well as their eCommerce Shopify Development Lead. Read More

Hired the VP, Head of Growth Marketing

Teal, a Series A ConsumerTech, needed a Head of Growth Marketing to drive user acquisition and engagement. Our headhunters worked closely with the founder + CEO; within 3 weeks we hired Teal’s first Head of Growth Marketing to lead the organic growth strategy with an eye towards scaling the paid strategy as revenue grows. Read More



As VCs raise +/ announce their next fund they use us to hire GPs as well as high-impact service leads (Head of Platform, Marketing Partner and Talent Partner) to advise their founders and help their portfolio companies accelerate growth more effectively.

Early Stage

Post-product-market fit; Early-stage companies (under $30M in revenue) use us to hire high-impact Growth, Product and GTM (Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success) leaders to help set up and scale the revenue engine.

Growth Stage

In the growth stage, when scaling revenue by 2-5x, companies use us to hire leaders who have driven similar scale through multiple inflection points across their Marketing, Product, Revenue, and People/Talent teams.

Publicly Traded

After tapping the public market it’s imperative to continue to bring on people who understand the challenges of growing a public company and who drive YOY revenue that’s still 20-30%+ beyond projections.


Acquisition Marketing
Demand Generation
Growth Marketing
Product Marketing
Search + Social Marketing

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Account Management
Customer Success
SaaS Sales (Enterprise + MM)
Partnership Development
Revenue / Sales Operations
Sales Enablement

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Product Management
Product / UX Design
Solutions Engineering

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Culture, Diversity + Inclusion
Learning + Development
HR/People Operations
Talent Acquisition

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We strategize with our clients hiring team to define the process, including the ideal candidate pool. This helps to ensure we’re exclusively and deliberately targeting the most ideal prospects while removing any ‘distraction candidates’ who can derail our process.


We work with the hiring team to create a profile of the ideal candidates’ experience that matches and complements the company stage, vision, revenue growth, culture, and team. Ensuring we only target the people who will have the immediate (and lasting) impact on scaling the business.


We have candid conversations with industry leaders and rising stars to understand their 2-3 year runway as well as their long-term career aspirations. This helps us align all sides from a place of authenticity so we are only engaging with the talent whose experience, runway and aspirations match our client’s needs.


We help our partners hire the high-impact talent who have led prior companies through similar challenges and inflection points. Through our process we organically engage and attract the interest of the most impactful leaders who not only have the experience to significantly impact our partners’ businesses but who also complement their company’s vision.


Throughout the interview process we seek to identify any potential issues to ensure we address those issues and/or discontinue the interview process when necessary. We are a trusted resource because we are transparent in our process, enabling us to know where everyone stands and ensuring we can come to an agreement that suits both parties.


At the clients’ option, we conduct reference checks and/or backchannel reference checks.