VP, Growth Marketing + Communications


Influ2, a Seed-Stage SaaS, asked our headhunters for a proven VP, Growth Marketing + Communications to help position themselves as the emerging player in the ABM space. For an early-stage company it was instrumental that we find the right balance of experience and startup mentality. Someone who has and wants to take a company through multiple stages of growth and all the challenges that come along with it.


Engro quickly built out the talent map of Marketing Executives coming from direct competitors with a wealth of experience building brands and scaling growth, marketing directly to other B2B Marketing leaders. From there we identified a couple high-value prospects who had been key drivers of scale and who were excited by the opportunity to do it again.


In a highly nuanced search, Engro was able to engage and hire the perfect VP of Growth Marketing + Communications who had experience building and leading multiple hyper-growth companies through multiple inflection points and even through acquisition. The CEO + founder of Influ2 was overjoyed that we not only made the perfect hire but we did it within 9 weeks.

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