HIRING A REPLACEMENT: VP, Product Management[


Kenzan Media, a developer of cross-platform broadcasting UI/UX applications, was looking to replace their departing VP, Product Management. There is a very limited candidate pool of VP, Product Management leaders in New York and those who are strong leaders are in high demand by many of the most exciting and well-known tech companies. This opportunity had many selling points that made it extremely attractive but overcoming this steep competitive market for the industry’s top Product Management leaders is a very challenging task. To make it more challenging there was a tight timeline to replace their departing VP, Product Management before it affected their projects and ability to retain their Product Management team.


Working closely with the CPO, our first focus was to understand the critical needs of the role and personality traits that would align with the current vision. We also formed a highly qualified value proposition that would captivate the attention of this limited candidate pool so that we could educate and engage interest in this lesser known company. Knowing the Product Management community so well enabled us to highlight the specifics of the opportunity that would be extremely attractive. We knew the approach to the initial conversation would be instrumental in creating the interest that would flip the power of decision to our client so their team could select from a short list of finest talent in the marketplace.


Engro Partners successfully found several candidates that the CPO was interested in hiring. The individual who ended up receiving an offer and was hired had the perfect combination of experience, entrepreneurial spirit and personality to immediately impact and lead their current projects and their Product Management team. This mutually-beneficial relationship helped facilitate the growing collaboration, trust, and understanding between Engro Partners and our client. This result has been, and will remain the cornerstone of our successful partnership.

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