Senior Director of Acquisition Marketing


SOCi was expanding rapidly and they hired a new Chief Marketing Officer to help drive overall growth. After a few months the CMO needed a practiced leader to strategize, build out and lead their B2B acquisition funnel. Despite the company’s growth and success it was challenging to identify the right VP/Director level B2B Acquisition Marketing leader in Austin, TX.


Knowing the Austin, Texas market for B2B Marketing leaders with strong experience strategizing, building and optimizing acquisition marketing funnels enabled us to quickly identify the most ideal people for the role. Within 3 weeks we made the perfect hire to complement the CMO, and we knew from the very beginning that this was the perfect match on both sides.


We knew instantly that one candidate and the CMO were going to vibe extremely well and as soon as they met eachother, they also knew it was the perfect match. Within a couple weeks we presented this ideal match and made this very challenging hire.

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