Assemble a Powerhouse C-Suite to accelerate growth

DataCamp was growing rapidly and was looking to build out their Executive team with high-impact leaders for their Sales, Customer Success, People and Marketing teams. Naturally it was instrumental that we hire the best possible leaders for each discipline to ensure we continue accelerating their tremendous momentum. As a result we needed to hire high impact leaders with track records of building and scaling large teams, driving significant revenue growth on radical growth curves and through similar inflection points.


Engro Partners met with the founders and leaders to discuss the state of the business beyond the immediate hiring needs so we could establish the most effective recruitment plan. We began with the Chief Customer Officer, then we headhunted the Chief Sales Officer, the Chief People Officer, the VP, B2B Marketing and the VP, Consumer Marketing. Each respective role had specific challenges that we identified and successfully tackled along with the founders, People team and evolving leadership team. It was imperative that we quickly identify the ideal companies, cultures and timeframes that these executives led their prior companies (through multiple inflection points) to find the most impactful leaders.


We are proud to say that we systematically hired all five Executive leaders within 6 months, making a hire every 45 days. DataCamp made the best possible Executive hires with leaders that have ideal track records building and scaling other SaaS companies through multiple inflection points, and with leaders who are also truly passionate for and embody DataCamp’s mission. As a result of these hires DataCamp grew from 50-150 ppl in 2018 but they also secured an additional $25M in their Series B to continue their revenue growth and adding headcount beyond 400ppl.

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