VP, Product Management

VP, UX + Design

VP, Digital Marketing Strategy

VP, Marketing Ops Product Strategy

VP, Corporate Communications


Oppenheimer Funds was acquired by Invesco (from MassMutual) for $5.7B 4+ years after we helped them make many VP, AVP, and Sr. Manager level hires across their Product and Marketing teams. We helped them hire a VP of Product Management, VP of UX + Design, VP of Digital Marketing Strategy, VP of Marketing Ops (Product Strategy), VP Corporate Communications, and numerous AVPs as well as Sr. Managers within the Product and Marketing teams.


Week 1 we identified the ideal profiles, companies to target and hit the market
Week 2 we start to put together the talent map and begin to build the candidate pipeline
Week 3 we setup interviews with the hiring manager
Week 4 would be 2nd, 3rd and final rounds interviews with the team
Week 5 we would complete interviews and/or have hired the best person for the open role


This process helped ensure we could quickly map the market and target people with the ideal experience, sometimes coming from similar companies and other times from major brands or tech companies. We systematically set the targets for each role based on the need so we could focus on people who would be the best culture fit. We were able to make all hires within 45 days and most within 30 days so each team could continue to reach their quarterly and yearly KPIs knowing they had the best, most capable and culturally aligned leaders join their teams. Ultimately enabling MassMutual to sell Oppenheimer Funds for $5.7B to Invesco 4+ years later.

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