VP, Sales Director


GroupNine, one of the most successful and desirable digital lifestyle publishers has been building its sales teams with a few key hires each year. Naturally it’s paramount to hire top guns who can have a substantial impact on revenue and who also truly embody the GroupNine + Thrillist lifestyle. Up to this point it had been fairly easy to attract top talent but internal efforts weren’t keeping up with growth. The EVP + SVP of Sales asked Engro Partners to tap our network to make this pivotal Sales hire.


We put together a target list of sales leaders who have the right relationships, drive the desired revenue targets, and who embody the GroupNine and Thrillist brand/lifestyle. It was also important that we continue to build the employer brand, ensuring that the industry’s best seek to join GroupNine and Thrillist. From there we curated the ideal shortlist, removing wasted time and wasted brand equity with anyone who isn’t serious/likely to join. After speaking with the shortlist we narrowed down the pool to the people we thought were most ideal.


Engro Partners presented only one candidate who was quickly hired. The individual who was hired had the perfect combination of experience, entrepreneurial spirit and personality to immediately impact and lead their sales efforts. As a result, we immediately became the go-to partner of Thrillist media, and subsequently Group Nine Media.

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