SVP, Sales (New Logos)


SVP, Customer Success (Upsales)


MNTN, formerly known as Steelhouse, is a trailblazing SaaS MarTech that enables brands to leverage the exploding CTV + OTT ecosystem to drive sales with their self-serve performance retargeting SaaS platform.
Their revenue growth curve over the last 2 years has been massive and there’s still tremendous land to capture in this evolving market so they asked Engro to help them find and hire the SVP of Sales that they needed to systematically scale Revenue and net new logo sales while building out the sales team from a team of 25 to 100 ppl. We also endeavored to hire the SVP of Customer Success to drive and optimize the expansion flywheel.


We worked closely with the founding Exec team (the CPO, COO and CEO) so that we could quickly identify the ideal experience. Naturally it was paramount to find leaders who have not only driven similar scale but who also embody the culture and the future vision for MNTN, formerly known as Steelhouse. We also recognized the importance of showing the Exec team a range of ideal but varying profiles early-on so that we could all align on the integral traits and experience we were seeking for both the SVP of Sales and the SVP of Customer Success.


Within 30 days from the search kick-off we had identified the SVP of Sales. It would take a few more weeks to round out the last stages of the process but we found our gal!

The SVP of Customer Success was a more exhaustive search, we interviewed dozens of highly-qualified Customer Success leaders who had experience driving businesses beyond the $200M+ mark who also had working knowledge of both the AdTech and MarTech ecosystems until we ultimately found the right mix of experience, culture fit, and leadership style that we were seeking.

Working closely with the Exec team helped expedite our searches, ensuring we provided the necessary insight on the talent landscape along the way so that we could quickly identify and more importantly hire the best possible leaders to drive the Sales + Customer Success flywheels. We constantly hear from MNTN how unbelievably thrilled they are with the hires they’ve made and the immediate impact that they’re having on scaling the revenue engine!

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