NEW HIRE: Head of Demand Generation


Code Climate was a post Series B start-up helping teams boost engineering productivity via their ‘Velocity’ SaaS product. They had recently hired a VP of Marketing, had strong product market fit and were and were looking to significantly scale their Demand Generation efforts. Code Climate brought in Engro Partners to help hire a Head of Demand Generation.


Engro Partners worked with the Head of People & VP of Marketing to identify the right talent pool in an extremely competitive hiring market for these candidates. With a company of under 60 employees, Engro went to market to identify candidates who can do 3 things: Build & manage a small team, be very in the weeds in the early days of joining, and be a culture add to the organization.


Through tenacity (and necessary persistence) Engro partners secured a small but spot on pool of candidates that could have the largest impact for Code Climate. Ultimately, we hired the ideal Head of Demand Gen, coming from a small & lean team at a later stage B2B SaaS organization. They were able to bring their experience of building large scale lead funnels, coupled with their humility to operate in an individual contributor role when needed.

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