Head of Growth (Search) Marketing


GlossGenius, a Seed Stage SMB software startup was building vertical SaaS for the beauty, salon & spa industry. With their beautifully designed product, that was easy to use and solved a litany of challenges for business operators, they were growing at a rapid pace, largely via word of mouth. The team was ready to implement a structured and repeatable process for scaling revenue and acquiring new customers. GlossGenius brought in Engro Partners to help hire a Head of Growth and Search Marketing.


Engro Partners worked with the founder + CEO, Head of Talent and the Chief of Staff to develop the hiring strategy as well as the interview process. Aligning with GlossGenius’ vision for their growth plan and marketing strategy led us to focus on SEO Marketing leaders from rapidly growing B2B SaaS companies who led similar (headcount & revenue) growth. Finding someone who can help build out a marketing function from scratch, but also grow/scale alongside the company, was absolutely critical to the search.


Engro leveraged our extensive network of B2B Marketing leaders from the east to west coast. Through targeted outreach, we interviewed a significant number of strong candidates and narrowed down the pool to 5 excellent candidates for GlossGenius to interview. Ultimately we hired the ideal Head of Search Marketing who had built the marketing flywheel with SEO & SEM at the center of the primary acquisition strategy and who had been an integral part of SEO/SEM strategy of scaling 2 prior unicorns.

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