VP, Head of Marketing, NA

Senior Marketing Manager


Quantcast’s Chief Marketing Officer was looking to build out a data driven Marketing team with leaders in NY and SF that would drive engagement and awareness with Enterprises that are currently or should become clients. The small pool of strong Enterprise Marketing leaders was also stretched thinner by a peak in demand, making this a challenging search for Quantcast’s internal recruitment team.


We have a strong network of Marketing talent in NY + SF, and with Quantcast’s already stellar reputation it was just a matter of identifying and engaging the right people to help transform their Marketing team into a more data-driven and metrics led team. Within 3 weeks we identified and hired both the NY and SF Marketing leads, a VP, NA Marketing (in NY) and a Senior Field Marketing Manager (in SF).


Hindsight aside, it was immediately clear that both leaders were the perfect hires. So much so that we only kept 1 other interview. Despite making both hires with the first candidate presented and in a matter of a few weeks, both leaders remain with Quantcast and have been promoted since joining.

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