VP, Marketing


Marketcast had acquired a few adjacent and complementary businesses that they wanted to integrate into a larger and uniform Marketing strategy to scale the growth of the new larger business – while also keeping the branding of each firm/business unit that made them successful. These newly acquired companies were in multiple US locations but it was important that this (B2B) VP of Marketing be located in LA.


We kicked off the VP Marketing search separately meeting with the 3 leaders of each business this person would be marketing. Within a few days we aligned the multiple perspectives into a singular direction that would help drive the growth of all 3 companies. Within three weeks we interviewed 5 ideal prospects and zeroed in on 2 finalists who were most closely aligned with the Executive team’s vision and culture.


Within 4 weeks from the onset of each search we had concluded the interview process, identifying the perfect VP Marketing hire to strategize and lead a unified plan that would also ensure that each brand would bring it’s cache into this larger Marketing strategy, ensuring the continued growth and success of each business unit as well as the larger company.

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