CMO / VP, Marketing


Codecademy, a Series C Consumer SaaS / EdTech, had engaged another retained search firm to hire a VP, Marketing. After 9 months without success Codecademy needed to bring in a partner who could actually deliver. Zach Sims, the founder + CEO was introduced to Engro to fix the roadblocks and ensure that they make the best possible hire.


This CMO / VP, Marketing hire was the first marketing hire and instrumental to the growth and scale of the business. We started by showing the CEO the entirety of the market of people who would have the desired/required experience of leading a consumer business through similar growth. Engro mapped out the possible companies and timeframes where a VP Marketing could have gained the right experience… we then hit the target market to identify the marketing leaders who might fit Codecademy’s stage of growth.


Within 3 months we made the ideal hire with a VP, Marketing who had the ideal experience of driving revenue growth through their next few inflection points. While we found multiple people with the ideal experience it was also instrumental that we find someone who truly wanted to tackle those challenges again – and who fit the Codecademy culture of always learning. Within 2 years Codecademy was acquired by Skillsoft for $525M.

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