VP, Director US Growth

Director, NY Growth

Director, Atlanta Growth


In the midst of one of the fastest growth curves in history, WeWork was looking to hire key leaders (Partnership Directors) to scale revenue via the growth of their membership community. As a data-centric organization WeWork was looking for leaders who could further their unicorn mission with a metric-based approach of driving conversion rates within select markets.


Mission driven leaders who have scaled the growth of the membership community with a key focus on maximizing pipeline and driving conversion rates was the key basis of these searches. This was a pivotal time for WeWork’s growth and these new hires would have a lot riding on them so it was imperative that we identify the right leaders to drive these key results.


Within 3 months we hired 3 Partnership Directors in multiple Markets to spearhead WeWork’s membership growth across the United States. One Director led growth across the US, another for New York, and a third for Atlanta.

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