Director of Product (Growth + UX)


Rent The Runway, a fashion eCommerce, asked our headhunters to hire a Product Director to build the roadmap and lead the next generation development and design of RTR’s web + mobile experience. We worked with the SVP Product to set the target for the ideal profile, settling in on eCommerce Product leaders with a data centric focus on the UX that drives growth.


Week 1 we started with a market map that we reviewed with the Chief Product Officer to zero on in the ideal profiles and experience that we would target. Week 2-3 we came back with 3 candidates to interview for the role who all had the experience we were ideally targeting and who also fit the company culture, stage of growth, and the impact that we were seeking.


The process took about 3 months and the CPO and hiring team were able to see the depth and breadth of the talent who had the experience of building similar next generation eCommerce web + mobile experiences. At this time there were very few companies and people who had this experience but our comprehensive process helped us zero in on the best hire to make for the team.

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