Our headhunters help you acquire high-impact Revenue, Sales and Customer Success leaders to accelerate your revenue growth.

Our client partners are looking to scale revenue by 2-5x over the next 12-24 months and are doing anywhere from $10M to $200M in yearly revenue.

At every stage of this journey our Headhunters help acquire the high-impact Product, Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and HR leaders that accelerate revenue growth.



Hired the SVP Customer Success

MNTN, a MarTech formerly known as Steelhouse, has a trailblazing CTV + OTT self-serve performance retargeting SaaS platform and asked our headhunters to help them hire a SVP of Customer Success to drive upsales and scaling ARR with someone who has driven similar scale who also embody the culture. Read More

Hired the CCO and SVP of Sales

DataCamp, a SaaS platform, saw an opportunity to drive massive growth by building an Enterprise B2B offering to complement their flourishing Consumer business. Our headhunters helped hire their Chief of Customer Success to drive ARR expansion as well as their new SVP of Sales to scale the net new logos and the sales team. Both hires were made within 45 days. Watch Client Video

Hired a Director of Customer Success

CB Insights, a Series A DataTech, needed a Customer Success leader to build out the Customer Success team as well as manage/upsell a book of top accounts. We needed to hire a strong player + coach who could lead a growing Customer Success team that was going to double in size over the next year or two. Read More

Hired Customer Success, Sales + Onboarding Managers

LivePerson, a public SaaS tech, wanted to hire multiple Sales Managers, Onboarding Managers and Customer Success Managers to scale ARR and drive more sales / upsales. We made numerous hires across the Revenue team, lightening the load of their internal recruitment team. Read More

Hired a Senior Sales Engineer

MiQ, an Enterprise B2B DataTech SaaS, asked our sales recruiters to headhunt and hire a Senior Sales Engineer that would be a pivotal driver of the Business Development team’s Pre-Sales process. This person would also help with the Customer Success team’s onboarding and Post-Sales process. Read More

Hired the SVP Sales

SteelHouse, a MarTech SaaS now known as Mntn, is a rapidly growing and wildly successful self-serve performance retargeting SaaS platform that asked our headhunters to help them hire a SVP of Sales to systematically scale Revenue (~$100M) by 2x and the sales team from a team of 25 to 100 ppl in the next 18-24 months. Read More

Hired the VP Revenue

Appsee, a Series A DataTech, needed a VP of Revenue who had led (Sales + Customer Success) teams of 30+ppl and who had built a similar UX/UI oriented DataTech from $10M to $50M+ in ARR with a mix of Enterprise, Mid-Market and SMB clients. We showed the CEO a short-list that met this criteria and we made the hire within 45 days. Appsee was acquired 14 months later by ServiceNow. Read More

Hired the US Head of Sales

Wattpad, a lifestyle publication, needed a US Head of Sales to drive Revenue growth in a remote role. The challenge of identifying an individual contributor Sales Director who could also build out and lead the US Sales team made this challenging for a brand that wasn’t a household name in the US. Read More

Hired the VP, Sales Director

GroupNine, a lifestyle publication, needed a VP, Sales Director to lead a pivotal new team and driver of the next phase of their business growth. Culture is a huge part of the GroupNine + Thrillist brand, so our headhunters curated a shortlist of Sales leaders that embody the brand with the contacts to significantly impact revenue. We made the perfect hire within 30 days. Read More

Building out the Business Development Team

Unruly, an AdTech, needed two key leaders, a Business Development (VP, US Solutions) to scale their US strategic consulting business and a Sales Director charged with growing their Programmatic business. We made both hires within 30 days, interviewing 5 ideal prospects for each role within 2 weeks. Read More