VP, Marketing


Flybridge Capital Partners has seen tremendous growth and exits of the companies in their portfolio. The Partners of Flybridge wanted to create a new role, to hire a VP of Marketing to scale the firm’s presence, driving the growth of their portfolio and advise across Flybridge’s Portfolio to build community and foster the growth of their portfolio companies.


The Founding Partners created a family in Flybridge and it was imperative that we find the right person to fit into their family who could be their brand ambassador while also providing tremendous value as an advisor to Flybridge’s portfolio companies. We worked closely with the Founding Partners so that we could quickly identify the ideal personality and profile.


Within 1 month we had 3 very strong finalists and 1 perfect person that we hired to join the Flybridge team. The new VP of Marketing was interviewed over a couple of weeks but it was evident from the start that she was the perfect leader for this multi-faceted role as Flybridge’s internal marketing leader charged with building their brand, building community across their portfolio companies to foster growth and collaboration, while also advising their portfolio companies on building an effective Marketing strategy/team. Naturally this requires a very particular set of skills and experience to match.

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