NEW ROLE: Head of Global Marketing


Live Person, a public SaaS technology company recently hired a new CMO who needed a strong Head of Global Marketing to better align with his strategic vision.


Engro Partners met with the CMO, as well as the HR & Recruiting┬áteam and uncovered a key component of their Search: The person needed for this position would be looked at as the #2 within the entire organization’s global marketing team. Pursuing this key component further enabled our team to identify the critical mix of team leadership skills as well as ground level campaign execution needed for the success of this position.


Engro took the steps necessary to help Live Person identify the right candidate experience that would have a major impact on their global business, but that would also provide excellent exposure and further leadership opportunity for this individual. Engro was quickly able to bring in 5 candidates to interview, and fill the position. They were not only able to jump in on long term strategic planning, but even joined with enough time for them to unexpectedly be able to help in a large scale, short term product launch.

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