Our headhunters help you acquire high-impact Marketing leaders to accelerate your revenue growth.

Our client partners are looking to scale revenue by 2-5x over the next 12-24 months and are largely in the range of $10M to $250M+ in yearly revenue.

At every stage of this journey our Headhunters help acquire the high-impact Product, Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and HR leaders that accelerate revenue growth.


Hired: VP, Head of Growth Marketing

Teal, a Series A ConsumerTech, needed a Head of Growth Marketing to drive user acquisition and engagement. Our headhunters worked closely with the founder + CEO; within 3 weeks we hired a growth marketing leader who can lead an organic growth strategy with an eye towards scaling the paid strategy as revenue grows. Read More

Hired: Head of Search Marketing

GlossGenius, a Series A B2B SaaS, is the #1 business management platform for SMBs in the beauty + wellness space. They asked our headhunters to help hire a Head of Search Marketing who’s built-out the framework for multiple break out tech companies. Our recruiters made the hire within 30 days. Read More

Hired: CMO / VP, Marketing

Codecademy, a B2C SaaS, was introduced to Engro to save their failing retained search (9+ months with another firm). As the first executive marketing lead this VP, Marketing hire was instrumental to the business. Our headhunters provided the CEO with a complete view of the market that enabled us to make this hire within 3 months. Read More

Hired: VP, Marketing Communications

Influ2, a Seed-Stage SaaS, needed a proven VP, Growth Marketing to position their ABM business. Our headhunters provided a talent map of marketing leads who built SaaS brands, marketing directly to other B2B Marketing leaders. We made the hire in 9 weeks. Read More

Hired: Marketing Partner for a VC Firm

Flybridge, a high-growth VC Firm, needed a multi-talented VP, Marketing in NYC to lead the marketing of Flybridge and to advise + foster growth across their portfolio. Working closely with the founders enabled our recruiters to make the perfect hire – within 1 month. Read More

Hired: Demand Marketing Director

SOCi, a B2B Tech, hired a new CMO who asked our recruiters to identify a Director of Demand Marketing to help drive their growth marketing strategy. The CMO made the ideal hire quickly from the short list of marketing experts that our recruiters identified. Read More

Hired: Two VPs of Marketing (B2B + B2C)

DataCamp, a SaaS platform, wanted to double revenue and headcount so they engaged our recruiters to hire 5 executive leaders. Our headhunters hired one executive team member every 45 days. For the fourth hire, we recruited the Enterprise VP of Marketing and we then recruited their VP of Consumer Marketing. View Client Video

Hired: Global Product Marketing Lead

MiQ was looking to setup their Product Marketing team to scale usage and adoption by defining their product marketing strategy, positioning and GTM story. The Global Product Marketing lead our headhunters hired defined value propositions + key differentiators leveraging data from start through post-launch engagement. Read More

Hired: Growth Marketing Director

Everyday Health, a lifestyle publication, asked our headhunters for a Growth Marketing Director who could help them scale revenue, drive subscription growth and increase engagement. We hired an amazing Growth Marketer who not only embodies the Everyday Health brand but who has also driven $25M+ in YOY Revenue growth. Read More

Hired: Head of Global Marketing

LivePerson’s, a public SaaS tech, Chief Marketing Officer asked our headhunters to identify a Head of Global Marketing to lead the new strategic vision. The CMO made the ideal hire quickly from the short list of marketing experts that our headhunters identified. Read More

Hired: Marketing Leads in NY + SF

Quantcast (B2B) was looking to build out a data driven marketing team with leaders in NY + SF to drive revenue growth. Within 3 weeks our headhunters identified and hired the VP, NA Marketing in NYC and a Sr. Field Marketing Manager in SF. Read More

Hired: Growth Marketing Leads for US, NY + ATL

WeWork, in the midst of their hyper growth, was looking to hire Growth Marketing Directors to scale revenue via membership/subscription growth. As a data-centric organization WeWork wanted leaders with a metric-based approach of driving conversion rates. Read More



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