NEW ROLE: Sales Planning + Ad Operations


Drama Fever, a global digital broadcasting company was rapidly building it’s content and distribution network so needed to hire some key Sales, Planning, and Ad Operations leaders to help support and bolster the growth they were experiencing. They were seeking strong sales, planning and ad operations leaders and after an unsuccessful attempt to conduct the search on their own, they engaged Engro Partners.


Engro Partners quickly realized that given the state of their current team and multiple hiring needs that there was an opportunity to combine two of their open roles into one role with a more experienced leader who could also impact new business in both a sales planning and ad operations role, thus saving the company money in salary and fees while finding one exceptional leader to handle both roles.


Engro took steps to address the client’s hiring philosophy while also providing a couple of ideal candidates that supported our recommendation to hire one person instead of two. Not only did the client save money moving forward with Engro’s recommendation but the leader they hired has been instrumental in helping them lead and hire more people to build out their Sales, Planning and Operations team here in the US.

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