Director of Product Growth (CX + UX)


The New York Times asked our recruiters to find a Director of Product Growth, to optimize the customer journey and user experience for multiple Product lines. This person would be an instrumental driver of product success bridging the Development team with the Marketing team to optimize the CX as well as the overall LTV of users.


We identified the target candidate pool of Product Management Directors who had experience in similar business models, driving customer usage and acquisition via beautiful and pragmatic product design that’s centered around data and AB testing. This candidate pool was small and highly competitive as we were targeting Product leaders from the major tech companies. Naturally the New York Times is a brand and company that people have an affinity and passion for which helped with the sell but we were also pulling from/competing with some of the fastest growing and most exciting tech companies of our generation.


Engro Partners successfully found several candidates that the team was excited about. The individual we decided to hire embodied the culture, intrapreneurial spirit and experience transforming digital CX/UX to effectively disrupt the status quo at the New York Times. The person hired had an immediate impact on the strategy and clout to lead their current team – which was also a challenge given the team makeup.

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