This Is How To Conquer Even The Most Hardcore Networking Anxiety

Having social anxiety isn’t the same as just being a natural introvert, which means there are steps you can take to mitigate it. As an anxious person, there are few things I dread more than large, unstructured networking events. Hell is nothing if not balancing a plate of hors d’oeuvres while desperately scanning the room […]

The 29-Year-Old Who Was Named Chief Financial Officer Of Kraft Heinz

The Kraft Heinz Co. is a $100 billion market capitalization company that generates more than $26 billion in annual revenue by selling iconic brands like Heinz Ketchup, Velveeta Cheese and Kraft Macaroni. Starting in October, Kraft Heinz’s finances will be overseen by a 29-year-old. The company announced on Friday that David Knopf will be the […]

The Rise and Impact of the Employee Experience

To contend in tomorrow’s talent war, organizations must rethink and re-engineer how to deliver a signature experience for its greatest asset…people. According to Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends report, A productive, positive employee experience has emerged as the new contract between employer and employee. Just as marketing and product teams have moved beyond customer […]

Uber Just Hired a New CEO. Here’s Why It Makes Perfect Sense

The way we travel today is going to charge in the next 10-20 years. This change will involve much more than just using a ride-sharing service or even autonomous cars. More than anything, it will become a colossal effort of cooperation. Dozens of companies will need to work together to make sure you can travel […]

Customer Success Saved Salesforce From Certain Doom

To create customers for life, you must first play a part in their success. When you look at a company that has achieved success, it’s easy to make assumptions about how it arrived there. It’s easy to look back and pick out the key turning points that led to winning. It’s become common to label […]

4 Things You Must Remove From Your LinkedIn Profile

More and more, people are forming their first impression of you from the results of a web search on your name. When people are evaluating you in a professional capacity, they often go directly to your LinkedIn profile. But even if their research starts with Google, they’ll end up at LinkedIn because your profile will […]

It’s Boom Times for Recruiters After U.S. Job Market Tightens

There’s hardly ever been a better, or busier, time to be a recruiter in America. Chris Nace — who’s done such work for the past decade — says that after years of searching for business, companies are now constantly approaching his small firm that focuses on hires in the technology sector in New York City. […]

For Entrepreneurs, Venture Capital Is Not Always the Best Option

You want numbers? Peter Dering has numbers. Peak Design, the camera accessories company he bootstrapped in 2011 with $25,000 from savings, has now raised more than $14 million. It has generated 90 to 100 percent growth for five years straight, and he has zero debt. But here’s the most exciting number: Dering still owns 100 […]

Getting Hired: The Common Interview Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Mistakes in the interview room are commonplace; after all, we’re all human. No one has a perfect interview technique, and, of course, some mistakes are inevitable. However, as part of your interview preparation, it’s vital that understand what the most common interview mistakes are, in order to avoid making them yourself: 1. Arriving late Candidates […]

These Six Things Are Likely Holding You Back At Work

When it comes to running your day, it’s easy to get swept up in distractions and tasks that don’t move you forward. The average person loses up to three hours each day due to interruptions from phone calls, email and coworkers, according to a study by CareerBuilder. Research may show that cat videos make you […]

How to Build Great Relationships With Mentors and Advisors

Great businesses are built with a lot of effort and a handful of key decisions. Effective relationships with mentors, advisors, and directors are based upon four main areas of concern and agreement between the parties; the Relationship, Value, Time Horizon, and Compensation. The Mentor Relationship: A mentor is an informal relationship. Mentors are committed and […]

Birchbox CEO explains how emailing strangers can help you get ahead

Katia Beauchamp had no experience in technology or beauty when she co-founded the company whose name would become synonymous with the subscription-box model. “My co-founder and I, neither of us were in tech. Neither of us were in beauty,” the Birchbox CEO says, speaking at a recent CornellTech@Bloomberg event. The company, which has raised more […]

Millennials Don’t Want Fun; They Want You To Lead Better

After more than a decade of effort, American businesses still have not figured out how to successfully motivate, inspire – and keep – millennial workers. According to a new and comprehensive Gallup study, employees 20 to 36 years old are the least engaged generation in the workplace by far. On top of that, 21 percent […]

Why You Might Do Your Best Work When You Don’t Have A Boss

The distress over employee retention has reached a fever pitch. The data couldn’t be clearer that knowledge workers really are on the move en masse. By one recent reckoning, 41% of U.S. employees are considering leaving their current positions within the next 12 months. The time it takes to fill an open position after a […]

8 Tips for staying productive when you’re never in the office

For many of us, our “office job” doesn’t have us in the office very often. Salespeople, entrepreneurs, account reps, and countless other positions have you running around from place to place, only stopping into the office between offsite meetings or on the rare occasion that you don’t have something scheduled. Without that critical office time […]

Meet the Woman Joining Airbnb’s Executive Team

Airbnb’s executive team just got a little more diverse. Last week, Beth Axelrod joined the company as its new vice president of employee experience, bringing the total number of women on the 13-person leadership team to two. (The other female executive on the team is c hief business affairs and legal officer Belinda Johnson.) In […]

Twitter Hires New Product Chief in Unusual Way

Almost a year after its last product VP jumped ship, Twitter has finally found a replacement to take on the challenging job of rekindling the service’s stalled user growth. Twitter’s new VP of Product is Keith Coleman, a longtime Google product manager who has been working at a small, little known startup called Yes for […]

An Ill-Informed Salesperson Sent This Email Pitch To Amazon’s CTO

A lot of salespeople rely on cold email to find prospects and sell their product. But when it’s not done the right way, cold emails could quickly become spam — or worse, turn into public humiliation. Take, for example, this email Amazon CTO Werner Vogels got recently. The email, which Vogels shared on Twitter last week, shows a salesperson […]

I Analyzed 147 Cold Sales Emails and 93.9% Of Them Sucked

From bad mail merges to un-interesting subject lines to an utter lack of focus on WIIFM, I analyzed what makes bad cold sales emails suck so bad. 93.9% of the cold emails from business development / sales people are absolute and utter rubbish. That’s what I learned from analyzing 147 cold emails I received in […]

Here’s Where Google’s First 21 Employees Are Now

AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau, FileYahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. Only six of Google’s earliest employees still work at the internet giant – and that includes founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Some early Google employees have gone on to become entrepreneurs, while others are now angel investors, and a lucky few have gone on to become top […]

Why The Holidays Are The Best Time to Job Search

With the launch of the infamous Starbucks red cup controversy and all the mall decorations, the holidays are at the forefront of our minds. Music is playing in the background, snow is falling on the ground (at least if you live in Illinois), and it’s time to get into the spirit of new beginnings and […]

Why These 10 Soft Skills Could Catapult Your Career

A recent LinkedIn survey of hiring managers revealed 59 percent believe soft skills are tough to find in employees today. Which soft skills are the most sought-after among employers? They are: Now, you might be thinking: “I have all those, why aren’t recruiters knocking down my door?” There are two reasons why you may not […]

3 Rules You Need to Break if You Want to Be Truly Successful

There are many perks associated with pushing boundaries and breaking rules as an innovator. Yet, when it comes to business models and unique offerings, stepping outside the social norms can be daunting. In times of change and stress, we naturally fall back on the tried and true to give us a sense of security. According […]

Five Reasons Right Now is the Perfect Time to Job-Hunt

It is mid-October, and the fourth quarter of the year is flying by! If you don’t like your current job, right now is a fantastic time to start job-hunting. Here are five reasons why: 1. The most common fiscal year-end is December 31. Companies large and small have allocated money to hiring new people, but if […]

Sequoia Capital Partners On What It Takes to Succeed at a Startup

When founders are asked what it takes to succeed at a startup, many provide this well-worn answer: “learn to be comfortable with ambiguity”—an equally frustrating and ambiguous response. At a recent event in New York (“Start @ a startup“) co-hosted by Sequoia Capital and Business Today, a handful of VCs and startup founders got clearer […]

Stop Trying to Sound Smart When You’re Writing

When I read a piece of business writing, whether it’s a proposal, a report, or a simple email, I’m turned off by people who have invested more energy trying to sound smart than in trying to be smart. Ideally, I’d like to read communications where I don’t notice the writing at all. The best writing is […]

Employee Performance Depends On These 3 Critical Factors

For decades, business leaders believed that simply focusing on performance management was the key to building a successful company. If they just had the right vision and strategy, clear objectives, people with the skill sets to achieve those objectives, and alignment toward their goals throughout the entire organization, they’d achieve high employee performance, financial success, […]